Welcome …


We understand that your school has entered a team for the 2019 Rotary Technology Tournament which is to be held at Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted on Thursday 14thMarch.


When you arrive you will be required to register and then be shown to your table at which you will be working. You’ll get a briefing about the task you are being asked to complete


Bring a packed lunch. Recycling bins will be provided for plastic items … please use them.

The Task

You won't find out what task has been assigned until the Tournament starts! At that point you will be given all the information you need together with a bag of materials to complete your task. No other materials are allowed 

Some tips

As mentioned, the details of the task are a secret until the day of the tournament! However we can tell you that it will involve using a small battery driven electric motor and this will require you to:

  • design and build a gearing system with wooden pulleys and elastic bands to reduce the speed at which the motor drives a shaft. 

    • this is because the motor revolves at more than 12000 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is far too fast to operate your model!

    • so you’ll need to brush up on your knowledge of pulleys to find out how to slow things down!

  • you will also have to build a remotely operated electrical switch which not only enables you to stop and start the motor but also to reverse it when required.

    • prior to the tournament you might want to think about how to wire up a reversing switch

    • if you already have a wiring diagram in mind, it will be much  easier to construct your switch when you find out what materials you have available! 


So before the tournament, please find out in advance how pulleys work and sketch out possible electrical wiring diagrams for your switch  



 Teams will be required to produce a project portfolio to document and record their work and should include:

  • all drawings and working sketches.

  • reasons for choosing the final design.

  • how the team was organised.

  • challenges that had to be overcome.



  • teamwork is key to successful problem solving

  • why not choose one of your number as team leader? 

  • break down your task in to a number of sub tasks and allocate to individuals

  • and watch the clock!

Good luck and have a great day!