Rotary Technology Tournament 

Rotary Technology Tournament is  a one-day event in mid March for up to 3 teams of 4 students each from local schools and colleges who undertake a previously unseen challenge against the clock, to design, build and test an engineering model. It provides an opportunity for students interested in Engineering and Science to use team-building skills to solve a design and technology task. The day culminates in the testing session when teams can see the performance of competing designs and solutions.


The task is set at 3 levels of skill corresponding to National Curriculum Key Stage and age level:

Foundation level:         Key Stage 3  (ages 11 - 14)

Intermediate level:      Key Stage 4  (ages 14 - 16)

Advanced level:           Key Stage 5  (ages 16+)

The challenge is designed to develop team building, written and oral communication skills, planning and time management . It's also a lot of fun!

The Tournament is organised by the Rotary Clubs of Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead who provide materials for the task, certificates, prizes, trophies, and organisation of the venue. THERE IS NO COST TO SCHOOLS ENTERING the competition.

We are grateful to Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted who provide the venue, FFEI of Hemel who provide generous financial and judging support, VAH DIY of Berkhamsted who supply materials and help with the judging and Paul Chambers who provides the audio/visual support

Certificates are presented to all entrants in the competition. Winning team members are each presented with a book voucher prize and a trophy for their school..

with thanks to our lead sponsor

Results of the 2019 Competition

The challenge set this year was to build a lifting device to recover a flask of hazardous material from a derailed train. Students were taken to design and build a model "crane" which operated using a remotely operated electric motor to lift the flask from its container. The challenge involved using pulleys to gear down the speed of the electric motor and to build a remotely operated reversing switch. It was a tough challenge! 

29 teams entered and everybody had a lot of fun as well as learning how to plan and implement an engineering project from a brief. Some teams were spectacularly successful ... and of course a few required further work due to component failure in the final demonstration ... students were heartened to discover that their teachers don't always get things right first time round!


Congratulations to the winners who were:

  • Foundation             Winner:   Tring 1                  Runner Up:    J F Kennedy 1

  • Intermediate           Winner:  J F Kennedy 3        Runner Up:    Tring 2

  • Advanced               Winner:   Longdean 2           Runner Up:    Tring 3

  • Team Prize             Winner.    Egerton 2


Andy Cook, the CEO of Hemel based technology company FFEI who generously support the competition, addressed the students on the vital role of engineers in making possible nearly every aspect of modern life and emphasised that much iteration is always required to deliver a really successful project.   Andy then presented prizes to the winning teams.

We were again particularly grateful for the support given to this 2019 competition by:

  • Andy Cook and his colleagues from FFEI,

  • Naresh Govinda from VAH DIY in Berkhamsted who also acted as a Judge

  • Our expert judges who included Amy Relf and Dominic Booth from FFEI, Alicia Agius from the Ford Motor Company, Richard Brown from Ernst Young, David Kirkland from D-LAb and John Ellison from JE Electronics.

  • Paul Chambers who provided audio and video services

  • Ashlyns School who let us use the school's facilities