We are part of Rotary International, which comprises more than 33,000 Rotary Clubs across the world. There are some 50,000 members in over 1,750 Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland. We share a common vision for better communities and work together to achieve it.

Rotary International supports worldwide programmes to reduce poverty, disease and inadequate living conditions. Rotary's  global initiative to eradicate Polio has been very successful with only 3 countries left where it is still endemic.


We actively support some very worthwhile  overseas projects but the majority of our effort and fund raising is nonetheless devoted to charitable causes within our own local community.

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We are a group of individuals from many walks of life. We meet on Tuesday evenings in Berkhamsted for a meal, usually with an interesting after dinner speaker; one meeting each month is devoted to planning and organising our activities


However we recognise that time is at a premium for working people with family and work commitments ... so our members ensure that family and work come first by attending whatever meetings work for them. 


We work with local schools to organise challenging competitions for students and provide days out for the elderly and for disadvantaged young people. We organise events to raise money for local and overseas charities.

Your skills and experience could be invaluable in our drive to help communities at home and around the world. Whether you become a member of Rotary or volunteer your time and abilities to your local club, you will be helping to make people’s lives better. If you'd like to make a contribution there are many ways to get involved with Rotary:

  • you could join Rotary and open up a world of opportunities.

  • you could donate to one of our Club's initiatives

  • you could volunteer to speak at our Club about a cause which interests you

  • if you are a school pupil, you could take part in a Rotary competition

  • you could volunteer to help the Club in one of its initiatives, without becoming a Rotary member

We have fun working together within teams on our various projects. If Rotary sounds like the organisation for you and you feel able to get involved or volunteer some of your precious spare time, we’d like to hear from you! Simply email our membership officer Peter Brown for an informal chat

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